financial viability study

Intended for use by banks, lenders and investors

We document the financial history of recent years by tracking the past course and utilize the data to forecast its future (i.e. the prospects of the business and its respective industry). Also, the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise are detailed alongside an assessment of the current property market value.  Our study concerns companies of all legal forms in operation in the current conditions.

The aim of our study is to demonstrate the financial viability of a business in order for it to qualify for a loan restructing in aggreement with a credit institution or for a potential new fundings or an investment/acquisition by a third party including a cash flow projection.

loan auditing in foreign currency

Full technical expert report which documents the unfairness loan disbursement in Swiss francs and concerns lawyers, professionals or companies of any legal form (including financial services companies).

Our extensive experience in this domain, enables us to support to legal councel effectively, namely by:

  • Affirming affidavits and/or giving testimony (throughout Greece)
  • Compiling technical reports

For a realistic example of a damage disbursement loan case (in CHF), click here.

Indicatively, a CHF loan audit report may include one of the following:

  • Numerical loss in euro in the current loan balance, the capital redeemed, the interest and the bank charges
  • Full commentary of any abuse to on the bank’s side (to use legally or for a settlement)

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our services

The listed services indicate the main groups of our services. Hence, contact us to discuss any further requirements you may have and how we can be of assistance. 

Analysis of the current loan balance (the disbursed capital, how much was reimbursed, the charged interest and other bank charges)

Numerical damage in euro for applicable abusive conditions (Unfair Contract Terms) (e.g. interest cost using 360 days instead of 365 days, contribution N. 128/75, loss from the applied Libor CHF compared to the Libor CHF published in official documents

Finding repayment exchange rates (if banks do not issue them)

Auditing the interest rates (for verification of the contractually agreed in contrast with the the bank’s compounding system) 

Αuditing the legitimacy of the complaint and the payment order (if one was issued)

Optionally, to audit the liability of the bank guarantor 

Optionally, to audit if the lending principles were responsible and adhered to. Also, we comment on the covers (mortgage and other)

Optionally, a feasibility study for bank or tax purposes

Delivery of our report within specified time limits fixed in advance during the assignment

Option for corrections in the report (before its finalization) always in consultation and cooperation with the customer’s choice of lawyer

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